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2015 is the 70th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. In tribute to that generation of Americans who fought in that terrible struggle and saved the world, the Hicksville Archives at the Hicksville Library will, over the next several months, tell of those from Hicksville who did not come home. They were your neighbors.


On February 29, 1944, General Douglas Macarthur, needing a location for a forward fleet base as part of the march to Tokyo, ordered the occupation of the Admiralty Islands 200 miles north east of New Guinea. The Admiralties were believed to be unoccupied. They were not.


         Cpl James Madden of 41 First street, 5th Cavalry regiment, was part of the landing force that landed on the island of Los Negros. So he was there when the Japanese launched a furious night attack on the Americans on the night of March 3/4. He was there when, with wave after wave of Japanese threatening to drive the Americans into the sea, a nearby machine gun jammed leaving the line vulnerable.  He was there, crawling through enemy fire, to repair the jammed gun. And he was there when, returning to his position, a Japanese bullet found him.

He was awarded a Silver Star.




In Italy, the Wehrmacht had effectively blocked the American advance from Monte Cassino to Anzio.  It was decided that taking the town of Santa Maria Infante would break the German line and clear the way to Rome. It was decided that 351 Infantry would attack and take Santa Maria Infante on May 11, 1944. The successful battle for Santa Maria Infante was decided by May 14th.


     Joseph Hoda of Carmen road was a member of the 351 Infantry.  His fate was decided at Santa Maria Infante on May 12th.


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