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In the past year, the Library began a thorough weeding project to remove non-circulating, damaged, and out of date titles from our collection. The librarians conducted a detailed evaluation of the collection, assessed strengths, weaknesses, and the physical condition of the materials on the shelves. Materials that were removed based on our selection criteria were given a second life. They were placed on our sale cart in the library, donated to Better World Books, or donated to Pilgrim Psychiatric Center. Better World Books helps to find new homes for pre-loved books and uses money they raise in support of literacy and education initiatives. Through these donations, Pilgrim Psychiatric Center and their partners have been able to grow their collection of books for their patients. Weeding is a necessary process that libraries continuously perform to ensure a relevant and appealing collection. 

We are always looking ahead to determine the best way to serve the whole of the community and curate a collection that is representative of the needs of the community. Our staff also takes into account major shifts in technological and social trends that affect the types of information or entertainment reading patrons seek in book form. The library of today will not look like the library of 30 years ago, or even 5 years ago. The COVID-19 pandemic also changed the landscape in ways we’re all still trying to navigate. Changes to the collection are not done frivolously; a lot of thought goes into it. 

Here are some of the changes that you’ll begin to see in the Library:

  • New Books - Based on patron feedback, we have moved the New Books to the front of the library. Books are now being kept on the new shelves for approximately 3-4 months versus 6-8 months. This means that books move from being 14 day loans to 28 day loans faster! 
  • Lucky Day Collection -  A browsing collection of first come, first served books that are meant to go out for a limited time and go right back on their shelf. These books are typically extra high demand titles that are not holdable and not renewable and only for Hicksville Library cardholders. Stop by and maybe it will be your lucky day!
  • World Collection - Our librarians are working to grow our world collection which includes books in languages other than English which are representative of our diverse community. You will also see more world language ebooks and audiobooks on OverDrive. 
  • Library of Things *COMING SOON* - This is a collection of non-traditional materials like e-readers, games, tools, reusable party supplies and much more! A collection of this nature provides access to materials people may not be able to purchase as well as reduces waste and consumption. In addition, the Library of Things fosters learning, increases accessibility, promotes social engagement and provides entertainment as well as aligns with the library’s mission statement and strategic goals. 

Although we are fine free for most overdue items, there are fines associated with the Library of Things due to the significant impact it has on the reservation system and those waiting for the item.