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Make a Custom Poster

We have a large format printer that will print signs and posters up to 24” wide. We have Glossy paper and regular bond paper.

In order to print your poster just submit your poster design as a PDF, or image file here, if you need assistance please contact us at

Important information

  • Make sure your creation is sized properly. The length is variable but the width must be 24”
  • A high resolution file is needed; we can review your submission and determine if it is not a high quality enough image/sign. If creating a poster utilizing images those images should be large high resolution images.
  • Posters are not intended for outdoor use.
  • Colors on the posters will fade over time.
  • The cost of the print job will be determined by the number of Square inches in the poster and ink used, most average size poster print jobs range between $1 and $15 dollars. A price list is below. 
  • For best results we are happy to review your file prior to printing, Email us at with your file for us to review it.
  • Documents can be released without review but beware! Release the print job at your own risk.

Submit a Poster print job here. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at


2 Foot Poster – 24” X 24” color  = $2.00 b&w = $.50
3 Foot Poster – 24” X 36”  color   = $3.00  b&w = $1.00
6 Foot Poster – 24” X 72”  color   = $4.00  b&w = $1.50
8 Foot Poster – 24” X 96”  color   = $6.00  b&w = $2.00