Mobile Printing

Mobile Print from your phone 

To print from your phone directly to our "AirPrint" copier you must be connected to the library WiFi (HPL WiFi). Just print your document from your phone, search for our printer called "Hicksville Quick AirPrint" and head on over the "AirPrint" copier. Your job should be waiting for you in the Jobs section of the copier, insert money into the copier, tap jobs, then tap print.

tap your print job and select print. More detailed instructions can be found below. 

Business Center

The Hicksville Public Library has all of your business services needs. Print, scan, copy, fax, make a poster, use Acrobat Pro, get a document notarized, shred those unwanted documents, and more! 

Visit any of the tabs above to learn about our services or contact us at 

Fax Service

Faxing is available as a self service on the copy machine near the front door. There is no charge for faxing but it will cost 10 cents to print a confirmation page. Just look for the Fax, Copy, Scan sign! 

If you would like us to fax for you just visit the front desk they will do it for you for a fee of $1 for the first page and 50 cents thereafter.


Printing and Copying

Print from our public computers, just use your library card or get a visitor pass from a staff member to log on. Detailed instructions can be found below.

We also have a Quick Print station right as you walk in the front door for fast easy access to a print job. Instructions available here.

Copying is also available at any of our copy machines, letter, legal, and tabloid sizes are available.

If you need any assistance, please ask a librarian for help.

Printing Instructions

To release your print job.

  • Print any job from one of our computers using “Xerox Black and White” or “Xerox Color” printers.
  • A variety of sizes are available to print(Letter, Legal, and 11x17), These settings need to be selected in whatever application you are printing from, by default all prints will be standard 8.5x11.
  • A pop-up message will appear letting you know the details and cost of your print job, click “Yes” to release the print job to our copier
  • Print as many jobs or pages as needed, they will be stored in our copier for up to 24 hours or until you release them
  • Head over to the “Print Release Station” (copy machine)
  • Tap the keyboard icon on the copier display –
  • Enter your library card barcode or visitor pass number – Tap OK
  • Enter your PIN – Tap OK
  • A welcome screen will appear letting you know how much money is on your account. Tap OK to continue. Note:  If you do not have enough to release your print jobs you can add money to your card using the Add  Value Station right next to the copier or visit the circulation desk.
  • Now you will see any print jobs you have sent to the copier. Tap “Print All” to print all of your submitted jobs or select individual print jobs and choose “Print” to release individual jobs. You can also delete unwanted print jobs from this screen by selecting them and choosing “Delete”.
  • If you have any problems or issues please see a staff member for assistance.

From your Laptop or home PC:

  • Visit to begin
  • Login using your library card barcode # or Visitor pass # as the username and enter your associated PIN # for the password.
  • Click Upload to select a file from your computer. A Browse dialog box will appear, select the file you want to print from your computer. (image files, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, CSV, TXT, RTF, and Visio are all acceptable formats)
  • That file is now ready to be released from our Print Center at the Hicksville Public Library at your convenience (it will be stored for the day and be purged if not released that day).

From your Android device:

  • Download and install the Pharos Print App from the Play Store.
  • Add the host as and make sure the port says 443
  • Once the app is installed, open it up and login using your Library barcode # and PIN #
  • After you have logged in choose Upload to select a file from your phone. After you hit Upload you will be able to select a document or image from your phone, it will then show you up in your job list on the app.
  • That file is now ready to be released from our Print Center at the Hicksville Public Library at your convenience (it will be stored for the day and be purged if not released that day).

From your IOS device:


Notary service is no longer available at the Hicksville Library. If you need notarization of a document, please contact a notary at one of the following locations:
1. The UPS Store, Delco Plaze, 17B Old Country Road, Hicksville (next to the 99 cent store). Appointments can be scheduled online at or by phone (516) 822-8404.
2. Vernon C. Wagner funeral Home, 125 West Old Country Road, Hicksville, Phone: 516-935-7100
3. Levittown Library, One Bluegrass Lane, Levittown, Phone: 516-731-5728 Ext. 506

You can also contact your local bank or real estate office. Most of these places have notaries on staff, but always call first.

Paper or Disc Shredding

Right next to our Print Release Station and copy machine you will find a paper shredder available for use. 


Poster Printer

Make a Custom Poster

We have a large format printer that will print signs and posters up to 24” wide. We have Glossy paper and regular bond paper.

In order to print your poster just submit your poster design as a PDF, or image file here, if you need assistance please contact us at

Important information

  • Make sure your creation is sized properly. The length is variable but the width must be 24”
  • A high resolution file is needed; we can review your submission and determine if it is not a high quality enough image/sign. If creating a poster utilizing images those images should be large high resolution images.
  • Posters are not intended for outdoor use.
  • Colors on the posters will fade over time.
  • The cost of the print job will be determined by the number of Square inches in the poster, most average size poster print jobs range between $7 and $12 dollars.
  • For best results we are happy to review your file prior to printing, Email us at with your file for us to review it.
  • Documents can be released without review but beware! Release the print job at your own risk.

Submit a Poster print job here. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

Scan to Email

Scan a Document to Email 
This task can be done at any of our three copy machines. You can also scan to your flash drive by inserting your flash drive, choosing Workflow Scanning, followed by USB. If you are not at our “Pharos” copy machine by the public computers, you can skip the logging in step. 
First click the keyboard button to login to the copier with your library card or visitor pass information. 

Login to copier

Now you will enter your library barcode or visitor pass username using the keypad on screen. When you are done tap OK. 

Login 2

Now enter your PIN# and click OK once again, you have now logged in to the copier.

Login 3

Now that you have logged in to the copier you will see a screen showing you your balance and any print jobs in the que. Scan to Email is a free service so do not worry if your balance is 0. 

Next Click OK, and then click Exit to reach the Home Screen of the copier. 



From the Home Screen you will now choose Email to start the scanning of your document to an email address. 


Choose Manual Entry in order to type in the email address(es) you will be sending the document to. 

manual entry

Now use the On Screen keyboard to enter in an Email address. When you are done tap Add.


Now you are almost done, you can choose a variety of settings on this page or add additional Email recipients. By default, the document will be sent as a PDF file and scanned on one Side (Face up!). 
Now click Send and your document will be scanned from the document or feeder or the scanner glass.


You are done! You will now receive an email from “hicksvilleprint” with your document attached within a couple minutes. 
If you have any questions or need assistance, please ask a staff member. 

3D Printing

The Hicksville Public Library has a Makerbot Replicator + and a Dremel 3D40 available for use. Patrons are welcome to come use the printer for free for a limited time, curbside pickup also available.

Hicksville cardholders can make an appointment to use the printer, you may
•    Find a project on
•    Find a project already made 
•    Design or alter your own 3D creation
•    Submit a file through Email - (
•    Any questions please email us at

The 3D printer will accept .STL, .OBJ, and .THING file extensions. Please indicate a color preference as well (we currently have white, green, black, blue, orange, red, purple, and gray). Large or very detailed print jobs may not successfully print. The library cannot provide assistance with designing a 3D print job. 
Please inquire at the library or contact us below if you have any questions or want to try and use the printer! If you would like to submit a print job please email, to submit a job.

Submit a 3D print job here!

Acrobat Pro

All of our public computers have Acrobat Pro for all of your PDF needs! Edit, Convert, and Create PDF's with the full Acrobat software.

Acrobat Pro logo